Business Agility

We are an IT & Business Agility company, focused on generating real value to our clients.

About Us

Who We Are

We are an IT & Business Agility company, focused on the Digital Transformation of companies seeking to evolve to a new level of management and organizational structure, by providing product discovery, strategy formulation and service delivery solutions, supported by validated Lean-Agile methods and employing only the best minds of the market.

Why We Do It

We are going through a time of changes where methods, practices, systems, tools, organizational and team structures can no longer compete with the volatility, uncertainty, complexity and ambiguity of today's world. It is precisely due to this new world scenario that we decided to create a company that sees today's problems through a new optic, a new perspective, a New Angle!

Our Mission is to deliver tangible and measurable results in an agnostic and evolutionary way, based on the understanding of our clients' real needs.



Training Sessions & Facilitated Workshops

Talent as a Service

Product Discovery

Strategic Management & Guidance

Teams Formation

Operation Management & Flow Efficiency

New Angle Intelligence Analytics Application

We are working hard to bring to life a fully featured dashboard and admin tool for your jira projects.
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Gisele Gomes

Founder & Sales Executive - Goldlog Brazil

We are a more mature company, with a more strategic vision, a better structured organizational system, with new management knowledge, methods and tools, having much more clarity in several aspects due to the work we have done in partnership with New Angle.

Marcio Negro de Carvalho

Head of Agility - Arezzo&Co

New Angle was a great partner for Arezzo&Co, and determinant in the success of at least 3 "Discovery" workshops for improving processes and mapping problems and opportunities related to our products and services.









Vila Hélio - Mogi das Cruzes, SP, Brazil